Social Services

Sidh Shakti Peeth Shri Mahamaya Devi Mandir Trust is a non-profit organisation, responsible for management and care-taking of Shri Mahamaya Mandir Ratanpur. But the Trust also takes up several social services to uplift the weaker sections of the society.
Ni-shulk Mahamaya Vedic Sanskrit Vidyapeeth (Free Sanskrit Education Institute)

To spread the light of Vedas and to impart knowledge of Sanskrit education to the masses, an education institute is run by the Trust, namely, Mahamaya Vedic Sanskrit Vidyapeeth. The institute is open to all sections of society, free of any charges and without discrimination of caste or creed. In addition, free lunch is provided by the Trust to all attendees. The institute is day-residential basis and classes held are for Prathama to Uttar Madhyama standards (class 6 to class 12.)
Ni-shulk Vishaal Saamuhik Vivah (Free Community Marriage Ceremony)

To help the underprivileged sections in carrying out costly affairs like wedding ceremonies, the Trust organizes Free Community Marriage Ceremony. The Trust provides complimentary wedding clothes and ornaments to the marrying couple. It also supplies the necessary articles and other paraphernalia ex gratia. The wedding ceremony is carried out in the traditional Vedic manner.
Saamuhik Upanayan Sanskaar (Free Community Thread Ceremony)

The Trust organizes Free Community Thread Ceremony. The tradition is carried out in the precise manner as described in the Vedas. Please contact the Trust office for more details.
Free Medical Facilities

A Homoeopathic hospital is run by the Trust at the Dharamshala premises and a full-time doctor takes care of patients free of charge. The hospital also distributes free medicines to its patients.

The Trust has plans to organize free medical camps in which financially poor patients will be treated against all sorts of ailments from eye-diseases to diabetese to leprosy.

The Trust has given away more than 100 tri-cycles to the physically challenged. In a simple ceremony the Trust distributed the tri-cycles to the needy.
Cultural Activities

The Trust organizes Maata Jasgeet Competition every year. All types of cultural activities like bhajans, ballets, folk music and plays are staged and prizes are distributed to the winners. This helps keep up our cultural traditions and encourages local artists.

The Trust also organizes Saamoohik Vivah or group marriages. In these group marriages all the marriage expenses are borne by the Trust. The Trust provides the mandapa, the bridal suits to both the bride and the groom and a banquet to the guests free-of-charge. This relieves the financial burden off their families and also helps eradicate social evils like dowry.

Note: The Trust is a trust registered with the Government and the accounts are audited as per government laws. All funds received and spent by the Trust are vouched by a chartered accountant.

If you are sympathetic to our cause, you too can contribute to the social services organized by the Trust.