The Trust manages two Dharamshalas (Guest Houses) to accomodate the devotees.

The accomodation is absolutely free of charge. The accomodation is allotted on first-come-first-served basis. One new Dharmashala complex is under construction. All the expenses incurred to run these dharamshalas are borne by the Trust. The power supply to these dharamshalas is backed up by an electric generatorwhich is a stand-in power source for the Mandir itself.

However paid accomodation is available only at Bilaspur city, just 25 kms away from the Temple. The road is in excellent condition and a single-side journey will take around 25 minutes at most. Here is a list of some important hotels of Bilaspur city.

Important Hotels of Bilaspur – Telephone Area Code +91 (7752)
Hotel Central Point Shiv Talkies Road 224006-07 Rs 500 – 1800
Mahima Inn Vyapar Viahr Road 424388 Rs 1500 – 5000
Hotel Anand Shiv Talkies Road 226988, 246281 Rs 300 – 600
Hotel Mahua Near Bus Stand 221683 Rs 250 – 700
Hotel Surya Near Bus Stand 403492/95 Rs 350 – 1500
Hotel Deep Link Road 225111 Rs 250 – 750
Hotel Sagar Link Road 403195 Rs 300 – 1000
Hotel Shivneri Link Road 247508 Rs 200 – 500
Hotel Geeta Telephone exchange Road 224340 Rs 150 – 300